Trusted Tank Lining Coating

Perlastic™ rubber-like coating can be applied by brush, trowel or low-pressure spray and is used for linings tanks in virtually any size. This easy to use product is applied at various thicknesses depending on the service requirements of tank. It quickly forms a dense, impermeable lining that under the proper conditions will hold water indefinitely. That is a tremendous feature when used on concrete holding tanks. For chemical containment, refer to Perlastic™ Chemical Resistance Chart for recommendations.

Since Perlastic™ is water-based, contains no VOC’s it is friendly to the environment and the applicator.



  • Storm Water Tanks
  • Waste Water Containment
  • Oil & Gas industry
  • Frac Water Containment
  • Chemical Industry Storage Tanks


Easy-to-Use Solutions

Perlastic™ features elongation of 800%, allowing the coating to bridge cracks in the substrate. This tank lining coating withstands thermal cycling and is resistant to many chemicals. You can also rest easy knowing that this product is non-toxic and UV stable.


Fast Shipping Across the Globe

We can ship your tank lining coating orders in five-, 55-, and 275-gallon containers to accommodate your particular needs.


Preserving Tanks

The non-toxic, zero-VOC features of Perlastic™ make this rubber coating for concrete a responsible solution for preserving tanks. Whether you use Perlastic™ on storm water tanks, waste water containments, frac water containments, or another object, you can be confident that you’re applying rubber coating for concrete that will preserve tanks without putting the environment at further risk.


Oxidation Prevention

Perlastic™ prevents further oxidation due to its application. It is applied at approximately 60-80 mils (1.5-2.0mm) for superior elongation.


Site-Specific Testing

We can perform tests at your site with the specific chemicals you use. The results will help us determine the best solution for you when it comes to protecting against corrosion.

Contact us today to learn more about Perlastic™ for tank linings.


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