Spillways, Canals & Ponds

Perlastic™ is a great solution for repairing and rejuvenating the walls and floors of degrade and worn spillways, drainage canals, as well as decorative and containment ponds.

The asphalt based coatings are easy to apply over large areas. Using either the Trowel Grade (TG) and Spray Grade (SG) versions, you can quickly return concrete, masonry, geotextile or aged polymers sheet goods to like new condition.

Perlastic is environmentally-safe to apply. For decorative or farming ponds with aquatic life, Perlastic is inert and it does not harm fish or plant life.



  • Concrete surfaces
  • Aged geotextile/polyurea composites
  • Steel supports and piers
  • Degraded polypropylene
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