Internal Pipeline Coating for Corrosion Protection

Perlastic™ protective coatings can be applied by brush, trowel or spray to spiral welded steel, ductile iron, concrete or aged FRP pipelines. These pipeline corrosion protection coatings cure quickly and offer high build properties for a variety of above and below ground corrosion protection.

Our asphalt-based coatings can easily be applied in high and low temperature environments. Our Perlastic™ Trowel Grade (TG) and Roller Grade (RG) coatings are great for protecting girth welds, tie-ins, cadwells, fittings, fabrications, repairs to FBE and rehabilitation to existing pipelines.

While Perlastic™ Spray Grade (SG) coatings can be easily build up to 50 mils in one coat application. That makes it perfect for waterproofing concrete waste water or storm water sewer pipes.


Reliable Asphalt-Based Coating

You can rest assured that Perlastic™ is a must-have for internal pipeline coating for corrosion protection. Perlastic™ can be applied at 60-80 mils (1.5-2.0mm), providing superior elongation with a monolithic barrier preventing additional oxidation. The product possesses superb pipeline corrosion protection capabilities. Plus, our products can be shipped in five, 55 and 275-gallon containers, so you can be confident we have the quantity to meet the needs for your application.


Keeping You and Your Community Safe

We rely on engineers every day to make sure our communities are safe. Engineers work on structures that need to consistently perform at a top-level. Perlastic™ ensures internal pipeline coating for corrosion protection when it comes to pipeline protection.




  • Concrete Pipelines
  • Manhole protection
  • Storm water basins and traps
  • Linings pipe interiors
  • Waste water treatment basins


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