Dependable Cooling Tower Sealant

cool1.jpgPerlastic™ is a fast-drying asphalt-based coating that cures to form an impermeable, corrosion-resistant rubber-like barrier against corrosion, water intrusion and chemical attack. The cured lining is able to easily bridge over cracks, gaps, holes and seams (up to ¼”) and it’s commonly installed on the walls, distribution decks and collection basins.

All the Perlastic™ coatings tenaciously adhere to substrates commonly found in cooling towers including stainless steel, galvanized steel, concrete, fiberglass, and previously coated surfaces. This makes Perlastic™ an ideal cooling tower coating.

Perlastic™ is not affected by most commonly used water treatment chemicals and it will not affect the water chemistry. It also has the advantage of fast cure time which means reduced facility downtime, providing yet another perk as a cooling tower sealant. Better still, Perlastic™ can be applied in a single application and it may be placed back into service within 24 hours.

Coatings That Go a Long Way

You know you’re investing in reliable cooling tower sealant when you invest in Perlastic™, because our products possess 800% elongation capabilities. These capabilities enable the coating to bridge any cracks in the substrate while preventing the coating membrane from cracking. This is made possible by the substrate movement, which prevents the coating membrane from cracking. These products are UV stable with topcoats available in multiple colors, giving you flexibility with your product choice while providing protection from the sun. Plus, Perlastic™ membranes are repairable, so you won’t need total sandblasting or a membrane replacement if damage occurs.

Giving You Options

GLOBAL POLYMER SOLUTIONS INC. offers on-site training for technical support to customers so you can learn what the best solution is for a given engineering project. Plus, we can perform tests using your site-specific chemicals and analyze those to offer recommendations for your goals in protecting against corrosion. We also provide fast shipping across the world in packages containing five-, 55-, and 275-gallon containers for your application.

Choose Perlastic™ today for a cooling tower coating that delivers.



  • Field Erected Towers
  • Packaged Towers
  • Collection Basins
  • Distribution Decks
  • Chilled Water Tanks
  • Ice Storage Tanks
  • Condensate Pans and Air Handler